In The Daily Drool on March 22, 2010 at 11:27 pm

Tonight my computer, my beloved little laptop, the one I do EVERYTHING except update my website on, went dark. I’ve no idea how, why, or what it was that happened, all I know is that Safari told me to update, then restart and it was dark screen from there.

I am in a total and complete state of panic.

After all the things that have gone awry and taken me into Rainy Day territory as of late, this is by far one of the most upsetting slaps to the face. Probably because I am a writer, and although I love my PC, I don’t compose on it anymore – I don’t have an appropriate version of Final Draft for it, and no Photoshop or Adobe to speak of- all programs I use on an almost daily basis.

As I went scurrying to the Mac’s box (because I save everything) I found that I had the foresight to purchase the advanced Apple Care plan- so I can take it in tomorrow (God, I hope I can take it in TOMORROW!) and hopefully they will be able to bring it back to life right away.

And in the meantime, don’t blame me if I have to take a little break from the blog – writing on my PC is making me seriously sad. For one, I’ve apparently developed FAT-ASS fingers, because I can’t manage these keys, and for another, the nook my PC has been pressed into requires clamoring over several boxes and perching amongst them like a homeless secretary… Ack, I don’t even know what that means… even my metaphors are upset and damaged by tonight’s tragedy.

Pray, folks, pray. I haven’t the dough to replace my Mac, I haven’t the dough to replace anything right now. Last month’s car debacle was the last nail in my financial coffin.

AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGH#!**&^*%%&^%@$#&%#@ (cough, cough, pant, pant) ACK!

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