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Sometimes… in the late hour

In Essays, The Daily Drool on May 18, 2010 at 11:30 pm

I can’t believe there are millions of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf and people are worried about who got crowned Miss America and why… Conservative pundits are bickering about liberal guilt (claiming the decision went something like this: “Oh, let’s crown the middle eastern woman because, you know, we feel like we should” ) and I’m sitting here, at my computer, reading the article thinking that PEOPLE ARE OUT OF THEIR FRIGGIN’ MINDS.

We are.

I read an article today in National Geographic about the Hadza people of Tanzania, some of the world’s last remaining hhunter-gatherers. They keep almost no possessions, they hunt when they are hungry, they move when they have need… they are totally transient and few in number.  They have no need or use for technology, they make no war and keep no guns, hunting instead with poison tipped arrows – while all around them the world ticks along in it’s evolutionary clock… it’s technologically advanced, consumeristic, waste-producing, oil-polluting clock.

Where is the balance?

How do we live in a world that we seem set on destroying?   Do we just surrender the technology that has us so under spell?  All around us are such exciting advancements… people dreaming up new gadgetry every day, practically every second.   It seems impossible to stop… but at what cost do we push forward?

I don’t want to hunt baboons with the Hadzu… but I want fresh air, and polar bears, and clean oceans.

Will we save ourselves?  Or are we just hell-bent on destruction?  These desires we have for more, More, MORE, at any cost… at the cost of bankrupting one another for an increase in the measure of our invisible wealth… where is it taking us?  We argue about party lines and the cost of feeding the poor, and we try to decide what is best for our neighbor based on what we ourselves prefer.  We pollute the land we don’t see, refuse to look at the damage we ourselves have created, and we go about our day every day the only way we can… by turning a blind eye to the horror and hoping that it gets better… Maybe we throw some coins to the people who look, really look, at those things… but what are we really doing other than consumering, throwing away the packaging, and getting in line for more?

I know there is great beauty in man, great potential for goodness… I just can’t stand the ugliness we insist on bringing to the party.

And I wish, oh how I wish, they would stop the oil from flowing, get it cleaned up from the ocean and give the sea a chance… but then again, like kids who’ve been too long unsupervised,  this whole planet needs to be cleaned up.

Whoa, Mother Nature, you move me!

In The Daily Drool on March 10, 2010 at 10:23 am

The Chilean city of Concepción was moved 10 FEET to the West by last week’s earthquake!  TEN WHOLE FEET.  I don’t know about you, but I find that amazing.  (You can read the details here)

Think about all those times in class you listened to some teacher talk about Pangea, and the grand unity of it all… wasn’t it bizaarre and totally inconcevieable?  Like, “Sure, if that’s what you say Mr. Science!  Whatever.”  Because imagining a continent slinking and shaking it’s way to the other side of the planet was unbelievable… the stuff of science fiction or history books… and a glimpse into the future…because Concepción just moved 10 feet to the west in an instant…. How strange and cozy!

What does a 10 foot shift do to the weather, time, the space-time continuum?  It’s all just too much fodder for the imagination, really.  Out of this terrible tragedy is born a new address, and the re-realization that the earth is always moving/changing beneath and around us.


We could be neighbors again…