In The Daily Drool on March 22, 2010 at 9:10 am

Today, in my current pack-attack-apartment-sack-ing… I found:

– Three pairs of painted cardboard and plastic bottle clown-feet-size prop shoes that my friends and I used in a JUNIOR HIGH talent contest.  They were in my costume box along with some wigs, a pair of sequined suspenders, and a cave-woman costume that I made in High-School.  (sigh)

– About two MILLION candles… What is my problem?  A little repressed pyro in here somewhere?

– 1 pack of herbal cigarettes from a play I did 6 YEARS ago… they smell funky.

– Battleship.  Yes, really.

-A nose-shaped pencil holder that my friend made for me in high-school – the pencils go up the nostrils.  Yes, even in high-school I had exquisite taste.

-A wine basket for picnics that I have NEVER used.

-Moody/painted lightbulbs for when I open that House of Sin.

There were other little surprises here and there, but the biggest surprise is that I have been saving/hauling all this stuff around with me over the years.  And perhaps it’s the inner actress in me (I might need that!  I might be able to use that in a show/photo-shoot/for a party) that keeps me in cave-girl costumes and candles, but really- the time has come to say “GOODBYE”

Which is why, come this weekend, all potentially saleable goods will be on hand for garage salers to take make into their own little “Albatross.”


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