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Sometimes… in the late hour

In Essays, The Daily Drool on May 18, 2010 at 11:30 pm

I can’t believe there are millions of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf and people are worried about who got crowned Miss America and why… Conservative pundits are bickering about liberal guilt (claiming the decision went something like this: “Oh, let’s crown the middle eastern woman because, you know, we feel like we should” ) and I’m sitting here, at my computer, reading the article thinking that PEOPLE ARE OUT OF THEIR FRIGGIN’ MINDS.

We are.

I read an article today in National Geographic about the Hadza people of Tanzania, some of the world’s last remaining hhunter-gatherers. They keep almost no possessions, they hunt when they are hungry, they move when they have need… they are totally transient and few in number.  They have no need or use for technology, they make no war and keep no guns, hunting instead with poison tipped arrows – while all around them the world ticks along in it’s evolutionary clock… it’s technologically advanced, consumeristic, waste-producing, oil-polluting clock.

Where is the balance?

How do we live in a world that we seem set on destroying?   Do we just surrender the technology that has us so under spell?  All around us are such exciting advancements… people dreaming up new gadgetry every day, practically every second.   It seems impossible to stop… but at what cost do we push forward?

I don’t want to hunt baboons with the Hadzu… but I want fresh air, and polar bears, and clean oceans.

Will we save ourselves?  Or are we just hell-bent on destruction?  These desires we have for more, More, MORE, at any cost… at the cost of bankrupting one another for an increase in the measure of our invisible wealth… where is it taking us?  We argue about party lines and the cost of feeding the poor, and we try to decide what is best for our neighbor based on what we ourselves prefer.  We pollute the land we don’t see, refuse to look at the damage we ourselves have created, and we go about our day every day the only way we can… by turning a blind eye to the horror and hoping that it gets better… Maybe we throw some coins to the people who look, really look, at those things… but what are we really doing other than consumering, throwing away the packaging, and getting in line for more?

I know there is great beauty in man, great potential for goodness… I just can’t stand the ugliness we insist on bringing to the party.

And I wish, oh how I wish, they would stop the oil from flowing, get it cleaned up from the ocean and give the sea a chance… but then again, like kids who’ve been too long unsupervised,  this whole planet needs to be cleaned up.

Getting Excited and then Cooling Down

In The Daily Drool on April 23, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Well, sometimes you look at your work (I’m referencing as a writer,  although I imagine this extends to anything self-made) and you look at it with joy “I MADE THIS!  WOWEE ZOWEE!!” and other times you look down at all the blood, sweat, and tears and think to yourself “I could have been playing golf…”

I’m currently in the process of reconstructing a treatment that’s already lived two different lives (since I’ve been working on it at least)  It’s frustrating and also one of the best writing exercises ever:  Tell (basically the same) story three different ways – oh, and try not to pull your hair out in the process.

What I’m finding is that I keep bumping up against the same sharp edges and I have to kick and scream about how great my FIRST solution was, and WHY do I have to try and come up with something else when the FIRST solution worked JUST FINE?!?!?!  Then I have a cookie and roll my eyes and…. wait… for… it… too… come.  (woof!)  It’s a lot of work.

But it’s starting to move along. Finally.  I’ve reached the end of Act 1, arguably the most challenging bit at this point since it strays the most from my previous attempts.  And although it’s painful, I’d rather squint and sweat over it now in the hopes of frontloading the pain so that when I sit down to actual pages (God, I hope soon!) I’ll have a reliable road map to follow.

Anyway, all this to say that I spent the better half of the day rewriting what I had labored over yesterday because it was CRAP.  But if I hadn’t pushed through it yesterday, I wouldn’t have had that crap to polish up today.

So, moral of the story?  Don’t discount the effort, even when the egg ain’t golden.  You can always sit on that baby till it gets shiny!

(PS- Haven’t forgotten about the promised snow pics… just haven’t had time to load ’em up yet.  Maybe tomorrow )

Things just keep getting crazier…

In The Daily Drool on April 19, 2010 at 10:36 am

Look, I want to talk about people – and how they kind of suck.

There’s a freakin’ volcano erupting in Iceland, and stranded passengers are protesting at airport counters. PROTESTING WHAT?

Sure, this is inconvenient, and expensive, and everyone needing to travel by air/working in the air travel industry in Europe is getting screwed.  But there’s nothing to be done about it, so just bend over and shut the hell up.

People get angry and feel the need to rant and rave over things.  They pile up their baggage and start throwing tantrums, because it makes them feel (for the moment anyway) that they are doing something.  “I’m upset!  Look at me be upset!  Adopt my upset and call it something else- call it, responsibility.  Let that fester and then hand me something out of guilt/annoyance/or just-for-some-peace-and-quiet,for-the-love-of-GOD… because that’s what I want.  I want YOU to soothe my upset, you volcano-creating air-travel evil mastermind!”

But people don’t like to surrender.  They don’t like to feel at the whim of any force.  And they hate, HATE, HATE to lose money.

So the airlines are asking for handouts because they can’t fly and they’re blaming the EU for not having some sort of contingency plan in place to make un-healthy skies flyable, and I’m sitting here thinking to myself “Gee, people are really dumb.  It’s a GODDAMNED VOLCANO, in ICELAND, and why is it the EU’s job to reimburse the airplane industry for that?  Why do ticket agents need to be assaulted by protesting travelers? ”

The answer is that people are selfish and globally ignorant- we pay attention to ourselves first and foremost and get angry when we can’t have our way.  We think of ourselves as highly evolved creatures, yet we are prone to the madness of mob-mentality at practically every turn, bludgeon each other to death over things like what name we should pray to, and proclaim promiscuity causes natural disasters.

People. Are. Stupid.

And the sooner we just own up to it, the sooner we stop carrying ourselves around this planet like demi-Gods, the better off we’ll all be.