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Tiffany is a charming young woman with too much on her mind, living in the land of make believe (or Los Angeles).  She is a published playwright, photographer, has a terrific sense of smell and  believes in good cheer.  Tiffany also has two cats, is a rebel apartment painter, and prefers you don’t contact her with any weirdness as she’s already got more than she can handle in LA as it is.  She also isn’t too sure who, if anyone, is going to be reading this blog, so if you like it, please share the link with your friends.  It’ll make her feel delightful.  Oh, and she also LOVES commas.  Get used to it.

  1. Tiff…I love your blog. It is so fun to get to see who my wonderful friend from High School grew up to be. Even though I haven’t seen you in years I miss you, I hope that things start looking up in the employment department 🙂

  2. Just left PFAA, ran into Joseph Davidson, a local artist who would be an excellent illustrator for you next children’s book…ok your first children’s book…bragging about my talented friend in LA who’s play is about to read for all of Prescott to hear… spoke with Brad Newman about this talented, delightful playwright who’s work I applaud, while riding home with Tracy Letts’ “BUG”
    eagerly awaiting my re-reading anxious to direct it…also out of work, full of wisdom and talent awaiting payment and appreciating our similar situation only thirty years later…also attempting to make love work and blessed to have you in my life!!! Bookends in lifes challenges. Love ya Tiff

  3. I love me a well placed comma, too!! Love me, also, some Tiffany. 🙂

  4. Long time no see photographic-lighting-lady! Let’s make a date to meet up behind the lens one day soon! In the mean time… let’s enjoy fun-employment b/c this lady also needs a job 😀

  5. Great blog! I absolutely love that photo. STAY UP! WAY UP!

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