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Ka-BLAM, Duchovny just made me cry

In The Daily Drool on April 16, 2010 at 9:37 am

Who loves Modern Family?  (rush of raising hands)  Good!  You should.  It’s one of the best sit-coms to come along in AGES!  And I look forward to it every week – laughs galore!  So imagine my surprise when, after a particularly funny zinger from Gloria (Sofia Vergara), we cut to commercial and David Duchovny’s voice ushers me down Kleenex Alley with this commercial:

Holy-effing-Cow, right?  Talk about sucker punch.  “HAhahahahahahahaha…. ah Modern Family, you are so funny, haha…. Ummmm….wait a minute, what’s this?  Ahhh…(sniffle)… (sniff sniff)…(cue TEARDUCTS)… WAAAAAHHHH”

BAM!  Another one bites the Kibble.

Neglected pups as heroes?  As the teller of tales?  Punched right into my own vulnerable writer/artist self-image and got the lower lip quivering at lightening speed.  Now I want to go out and adopt a whole herd of the little things.

Thanks a lot, Duchovny.