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Ahh, another angle on the “Stuff” dilemma…

In The Daily Drool on October 21, 2009 at 10:35 am

Maybe some of you remember my short rant on the pressure of all the “Stuff” in my life… the feeling that it’s beginning to own me and eliciting a raging need to get rid of it.  To be free.  (followed up by the nagging voice “But, you won’t you just get new stuff once the old is gone?”

Then a friend posted this on Facebook. And it like, really clicked with me.  Because although the bent here is sustainability, it’s sustainability born of the realization that we are RULED by our need to consume STUFF.  Please check it out- even if you don’t really suffer from an overabundance of stuff, the points here are really interesting.  It’s about 20 minutes long, just FYI, but there are illustrations 🙂  http://www.storyofstuff.com/

And after you’ve watched it, ask yourself if maybe this “Economic Crisis” isn’t a good thing in that it’s forcing consumers to slow down a bit… to make better decisions about the things they need vs. those they want and the crap they pick up just to fill in the empty spaces.  I’ve been out of work and on “Rainy Day” budgeting for the past THREE MONTHS.  Although I’ve splurged on he occasional fairly frequent steak here and there, and the occasional visit to the Chiropractor, I haven’t really bought any new things… the treats I’ve been allowing myself have generally been less material in nature.  And I’m actually quite fine with that.  It’s not the “Oh my God, I can’t buy the new gadget!” that’s driving me crazy, but the not being able to pay my bills.  (Although I admit an affinity for new clothes like any other hot blooded female… and anything electronic and techie…  BUT I also know I usually don’t NEED spankin’ new bells and whistles)

Which makes me look back at my “Comfortable” college days (A paycheck and Sallie Mae cocktail of illusion) where I pretty much didn’t go crazy, but wasn’t the most discerning of shoppers either, and shake my head.

Sooooo, all of this to say, maybe it is time we look at our habits and actually change the way we think about life – to change our philosophies from “Living to Buy” to  “Buying to Live.”