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Stony Monday (my dad)

In The Daily Drool on December 2, 2009 at 10:51 am

When I was in middle school I somehow became the target of some terrible taunting.  I don’t remember how or why- it was probably related to my stubborn willfulness (bullies like to destroy, and I imagine I presented a nice challenge, although I did get quite indignant… which is also fun for bullies, right?  Don’t they like a reaction?)  Anyway, I was this skinny little blonde girl and she was this tall red-headed shit-kicker… hmmm, I guess that means she wore cowboy boots?    It seems all the cowboys/girls were called by that name at some point- it’s really pretty gross.  But anyway, she was MEAN.

And I remember at one point getting Sprite poured over my head as I waited to be picked up after school, and then I turned around and pushed that little monster right on her ass, and I think we all got in trouble.

So… you’re getting the picture?

Well, so did my parents.  And my dad decided he’d help.

He got all his biker gear on and roared up to school one day to pick me up.  He parked right in front of the bus area where everyone exited the school, and idled there until I joined the melee, made my way over to the Leather Dad, and climbed aboard.  I don’t know if it’s fact or fiction, but someone the next day told me that they saw him cleaning his fingernails with the HUGE bowie knife he wears on his waist.

And I think they left me alone after that.

That’s my dad.

And we haven’t always seen eye to eye (we’re so damn stubborn!) but when I came home this Thanksgiving and he asked me to take some pictures of his ringed hands, I instantly obliged… thinking of him, my father, out there on his motorcycle putting the fear of the Bowie knife into all those Granite Mountain Middle Schoolers.

Thanks Dad!