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Left, Right… Fight?

In Essays, The Daily Drool on August 18, 2009 at 9:13 am

I don’t like to air my political thoughts very often because I think we get enough of people broadcasting on that channel – every once in a while though I get struck numb with the sheer audacity of something and publicly ponder.   Today I’m not going to do that –  Today I’d like to ask you some questions… because I feel like I don’t have enough reach to grasp the answer.

The divide between Republicans and Democrats – something that has been going and going – feels to me to becoming particularly divisive as of late.  I’m speaking of the past couple years, and especially since the election.  Everyone seems to have a very vocal and vociferous opinion about why their side has it all figured out and the other are a bunch of nuts.  People are angry and looking for an outlet – but what is scary to me is any sense of seeming appreciation that this is the place to have debate… that this, of all nations, is one in which we (while agreeing to disagree) should at least retain reason as we struggle to fight for our beliefs without becoming so fanatically committed to them that we cease to see our opponant as a likewise dedicated human being.

Because I feel like this is getting forgotten.  Because we’re not debating anymore, we’re throwing dirty punches – and while the things we are fighting for are life-changing – it’s scary to see so many people apparently loosing their minds in the ring.

I’m not preaching some sort of “Can’t we all just get along” mentalitiy, because I know we can’t.  We’re all of us coming at issues from our own perspective and that will always result in differences, some of which are too strong to overlook.  But I can’t abide by the ignorance of some of the arguments people are making on either side – and by ignorance I mean those who have begun denigrating everyone who disagrees.  Yes, people are angry, and Yes, someone has to lose – but writing off a whole demographic with expletive ridden insults and disgust, just because they don’t agree with you, turns debate into a playground fight really quickly.  It’s disgusting.

So this is my question:  When is the last time we were so divided politically and do you think we’re going to be able to heal?  Are we as a nation going to be able to move forward from our political positions, win or lose, or is this divide going to turn into one giant crack…