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Robots on my Mind

In The Daily Drool on May 20, 2010 at 12:08 pm

Anybots telepresence robots go to meetings for you, so you can talk to your boss without having to breathe in his haletosis...

Look, I love The Terminator.  I loved the second Terminator… and I saw the third (but don’t remember is too well), and the 4th, well, somebody really screwed the pooch on the ending there, but all the T4 business before the final 15 mins?  Pretty damn fun.

But I just watched this video about the milatary advancements on robots and kind of shuddered.

Because while they are primarily support-bots at present (no laser-eyed walkers/talkers/shooters yet) I can’t help but wonder, what is the point?

Stay off my Rock!

Ever since man first encountered other man and decided that defending his patch of forest/desert/pond was worth thunking the other in the head over, their has been casualty of war – that casualty is human.  Kings and Tyrants, Bullies and Bosses, have each saddled up their own armies of subservients, slaves, and citizens to serve their noble/not-so-noble cause… all to see who could outlast and outkill the other.  At some point, someone runs out of men, gets killed themselves, or suffer at the hands of their own angry mob… because there is a human tally.  There is horror and pain and mass suffering, but it is human.

What then, is the point of a field full of robots?  When does there come an end? (Because I’m fast-forwarding past the Robots vs. Humans element here, mass casualties, horror, rage and defiance… yes, yes, it will be gruesome and horrifying… and then the “other side” of that coin will invest in robot technology, so they can pit their metal against yours… which brings us back to – ) How do you top fields of robots?  How do you determine victory then?

I’m suddenly realizing that this sounds like I’m saying human deaths in battle are a good thing… but I think I’m speaking purely from an end-game perspective-  if the loss is strictly technological, how do fueding despots declare victory?  When the last robot falls, the factories will just make more… won’t they?  Are we simply aiming for a new kind of destruction… one made of metal and webcams, and PS3 pro-robot operators?  Or does soemthing worse come along… something more deadly than robot assassins.

Resistance is futile!

And is this how people felt when they first hear that computer-makers had designs on landing an IBM in every household?  “OH GOD, we’ll all become hermits, we’re losing our humanity, the world is in peril of becoming one gigantic throbbing electronic PULSE!” Umm… yeah, well, it kind of happened (sans hermit… I mean, I’m kind of a hermit, but we aren’t part of the Borg… yet)  And I kind of like it… I mean, I don’t want to imagine the horror and panic if the internet just… went away… (shudder)

Yet there is something, unsettling, about these field robots.  Something creepy to me about the violence it seems to excuse.  And God forbid  (through some sort of technological glitch right out of the movies) a robot on the battlefield ever looked around at the carnage and wondered “Why?”

If that ever happens, I’m heading to my secret bunker in the hill and setting up shop as a goat-herder-slash-gun-trader… Look for me in Terminator 5!