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The Media, my GOD the Media!

In The Daily Drool on October 8, 2009 at 8:20 am

Read this article and I promise it will incite in you a swelling of indignation.  If it doesn’t, you are a robot.

It’s not just that I care so very much that they airbrushed this model to skeletal proportions, but that they have the audacity to defend that decision against those who would point out it’s tremendous shortcomings.  What message were they hoping to convey by running this photo?  And what message are they sending now with that (ludicrous and egocentric) attitude?

If you want to keep the ire burning, click this link for the article about Self Magazine’s Kelly Clarkson cover where  two female editors defend their OBSCENE decision to replace her curvy figure with one that better suited their idea of “beauty.”   Seriously, I want to throw these women back in the oven cuz I don’t think they came out done.  They’re like, still doughy, and full of salmonella and shit.

All of this to say that the idiots at the top who are telling you what to wear are about as insecure as they come.  Do yourself a favor- look for strong female role models in the world around YOU.  And avoid the 2-dimensional kind – they’re just for decoration.