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In The Daily Drool on May 16, 2010 at 10:59 am



Yesterday was a gastro-intestinal nightmare, the lazy man/woman’s amigo, the busy-bee’s bonus – JUNK-FOOD was in OVERLOAD.

I could revel you with everything I ate but you might get sick on your computer monitor.  Oh, who am I kidding.  Of course I’m going to post it here.  Why else would I bother talking about it?

A.M. – Frosted Mini-wheats and OJ.  Yumm.  And still healthy… ish!

P.M. – Coming home from Census taking, stomach screaming, Must. Stop. Get. Del Taco.  1 Macho Taco and a Coke later = happy belly!

(Then the snacking commenced)  Including but not limited to:

Grody-gross Funyuns (sometimes it feels good to be bad) Klondike Bar (What would you doo-OO-oo…) one slice Kraft Cheese, more crunchy onion flavored crispiness, one donut dunked in milk.

All capped off by DINNER:  One Arby’s junior sandwich and a potato patty (just $2 from the dollar menu, dudes)  and a  SLURPEE the size of Connecticut at the movie theater.

Woof.  How’s your tummy?

The crazy news?  I feel totally fine.

But I don’t think I need to do it again any time soon.  🙂

Food Baby, Food Coma, whatever, I’m eating A LOT (and other randomness)

In The Daily Drool on April 22, 2010 at 11:11 am
  • Ever heard of the Vacation Diet?  The one where your brain thinks to itself “You’re on vacation, EAT UP!”  Well, I think my brain has confused being in AZ with vacation time, because I can’t stop eating.  And a lot of you are probably tinking to yourselves “Good, you’re too skinny!”  But I just want to point out that eating a Klondike bar every day after lunch is NOT good for you, haha.  But my parents house has all this yummy food that I couldn’t afford to buy… so I guess I’m going a little hog wild with it.
  • It’s snowing today again, A LOT.  None of it is sticking where we are because the ground is too warm, but I’m imagining once these giant snowy clouds depart, there will be some beautiful snow-capped mountains around us to photograph and share.  It’s so beautiful and cold outside… It feels like December!  I’m enjoying the crazy weather with oatmeal and hot tea.  I also went outside and opened my mouth to the heavens for a little snow tasting.  Tasted like Winter.
  • Cat -update:  Last night I woke up to a frightened, hissing Midnite leaping onto my head. Thank God her claws weren’t out.  She sat there by me for a good 5 minutes or so growling under her breathe at the heathen cat that had dared to poke it’s head into her room  (sigh) So much progress, then so much cat fur in my face.  Daredevil continues to act oblivious to my parent’s cats, although he does seem to really like Ceasar (the only other boy)  They speak the same language of Cat Chirp and like to fluff up and chase one another about.  It’s really fun to watch.
  • Have a sinus infection, have drugs for said infection, apparently the old sinuses aren’t too impressed with all the dry air and cotton seeds blowing about.  Maybe the late spring snowshowers will dampen the blooming mood outside and I’ll get a bit of a reprieve out of all this strange weather.
  • Got my car back!  FINALLY.
  • Finished rewrites on Twigs and Bone, feeling pretty good about it!  Looking forward to being in LA next weekend for:  Late birthday celebrations with Doc and Amber, oodles of theater, and maybe, just maybe, if I have time, a little visit to the beach…