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Passing the buck… or lack thereof (OR) Why it pays to be stupid

In Essays, The Daily Drool on November 19, 2009 at 11:28 am

I cherish the time I was at UCLA.  It’s one of those places that I walked into and immediately felt at home with.  I knew, the moment I stepped onto her campus that THAT is where I should be.  So I applied.  It was the only school I applied for, actually, having gotten my AA and been wandering around the LA acting ‘scene’ for too long already.

Then I got in.

And I LOVED it!

I loved it so much that when I graduated, I went back for my MFA in playwriting, and when I finished that degree, I cried.  Because it had become a bit of  a nest.

But now… I look at the fee hikes being issued left and right, and I shiver- one of the only reasons I could attend UCLA was because of her affordable student fees.  UCLA’s in-state tuition was a fraction of what it is now.

Because California is passing it’s financial mess down to it’s youngest and most innocent to carry.

Education is always at the top of the list when it comes to budget cuts.  It’s been that way since I was young at least- I remember in high school being told that the budget for the arts programs was getting cut even as the sportsters were being protected against AZ’s deficit.  I looked up at my mom and asked her why a football player was worth more than me.  She wanted to strangle the idiots making those blind decisions.  Because ALL OF IT matters, ALL OF IT is important.  (Note to State- these are children you’re sending messages to, and the last thing you should be telling them is that they are not worth funding!)  And all of it effects the young citizens you hope to one day manage the mess you’re leaving in your wake.

And here I am again, thankfully graduated before the axe truly fell, but sitting in wonder at the absolutely asinine decisions our government seems to be making in regards to education- what does it say about your country when you tell young hopefuls they must pay for the mistakes of the government, made before they could even vote?  What do you think will come of those unable to afford the raised fees?  How do you defend an action that expresses such a severe depreciation in the value of our young people?

For if you imagine a Tree of Knowledge, and each leaf a student blooming- these cuts are to that tree’s water supply, and those leaves are going to shrivel up and fall off, the tree itself looses it’s strength and curls…  The future of our country is right now studying in the very branches of a system some seek to ignore!   And no one is worried enough to stop it.


Because it’s not their mess to be cleaning up or paying for.  Education should be one of those things we all staunchly support.  WE SHOULD BE FEEDING OUR YOUTH, rather than starving them of knowledge they need in their way to becoming their best selves.

It’s horrifying to me that Education always suffers when money gets tight.  It’s disgusting how quickly comes the knife when belts must be tightened- But perhaps it’s because it’s all ust numbers to these people.  Maybe if instead of tallies and pie charts, those making the federal slices were looking into the hungry eyes of the children, teens, and young adults they are starving… well, perhaps it would inspire them to look elsewhere first.

Because, yes, times are tough.  We’ve gotten ourselves into a terrible financial mess.  But it’s not tomorrow’s generation that caused it, or even contributed to it.

So how dare anyone ask them to pay for it.