Getting Excited and then Cooling Down

In The Daily Drool on April 23, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Well, sometimes you look at your work (I’m referencing as a writer,  although I imagine this extends to anything self-made) and you look at it with joy “I MADE THIS!  WOWEE ZOWEE!!” and other times you look down at all the blood, sweat, and tears and think to yourself “I could have been playing golf…”

I’m currently in the process of reconstructing a treatment that’s already lived two different lives (since I’ve been working on it at least)  It’s frustrating and also one of the best writing exercises ever:  Tell (basically the same) story three different ways – oh, and try not to pull your hair out in the process.

What I’m finding is that I keep bumping up against the same sharp edges and I have to kick and scream about how great my FIRST solution was, and WHY do I have to try and come up with something else when the FIRST solution worked JUST FINE?!?!?!  Then I have a cookie and roll my eyes and…. wait… for… it… too… come.  (woof!)  It’s a lot of work.

But it’s starting to move along. Finally.  I’ve reached the end of Act 1, arguably the most challenging bit at this point since it strays the most from my previous attempts.  And although it’s painful, I’d rather squint and sweat over it now in the hopes of frontloading the pain so that when I sit down to actual pages (God, I hope soon!) I’ll have a reliable road map to follow.

Anyway, all this to say that I spent the better half of the day rewriting what I had labored over yesterday because it was CRAP.  But if I hadn’t pushed through it yesterday, I wouldn’t have had that crap to polish up today.

So, moral of the story?  Don’t discount the effort, even when the egg ain’t golden.  You can always sit on that baby till it gets shiny!

(PS- Haven’t forgotten about the promised snow pics… just haven’t had time to load ’em up yet.  Maybe tomorrow )

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