The Big Bad Boyfriend Blues

In The Daily Drool on April 14, 2010 at 9:58 am

I’ve barely been gone two weeks… I’ve not yet settled in, there are still shoes in boxes and bits of things in nooks and crannies, and my car keeps having problems.

Rhythm is not present.

Which is why, at every little hiccup, I keep thinking about LA… Like a boyfriend that beats you and then tells you he needs you, LA beckons to me from across the desert.


And strangely enough, I’ve tried twice (unsuccessfully) to get back there already.  Twice in two weeks.  Hmmmmm….

You see, two of my very dearest friends had birthday’s last week, and I had theater tickets to share with one of them, a spa day to share with the other.  It wasn’t exactly a desperate reunion with the Land of the Lost, but I’ll admit I’m missing being able to hit up the ocean in fifteen minutes.  However, since my car keeps declaring itself inadequate, I have to assume there is some higher power at work here, keeping me away.

So I’m in Prescott.

And I’ve got plenty to do, really, so why would I run off right now anyway?

But, like the saying goes, sometimes we just want what’s familiar.  LA may have kicked my ass, but this strange new…. open-endedness?  It’s terrifying in its own right.

Intervention… that’s what this feels like.  And once I’ve kicked the LA habit, maybe the rest of it (my life) will start to make some sense.

  1. But we miss youuuuu!!!

    You will return for a visit when the time is right. Birthdays are a state of mind, anyways. We will see that play! This way, it’s something to look forward to. 🙂

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