Things I saw along the way

In The Daily Drool on April 4, 2010 at 10:31 am

Let’s talk about the cats…

This is Midnite and Daredevil post-apartment-load-up, pre-cat-load-up…  They each took a shelf in my bathroom cabinet and stayed there all day long praying that their nooks and crannies would come back to them and that the world would once again make sense.  It was adorable and heart breaking at the same time.  Poor little furballs!

This is Midnite in the back seat- she spent a considerable amount of her travel time shedding.  I need to de-fur my car.  She also put in a valiant effort to crawl beneath my feet and mess with the pedals, perhaps thinking if she could just get her paws on the breaks and stop this metallic carriage, all would go back to normal.  Her routine went something like this : Sniff, sniff, lap, hide face, back-seat, hide face, sniff the air conditioner, sleep, sniff, sniff, repeat.  If you’re wondering where Daredevil is, he’s beneath Midnite, under the blankets and curled next to the cooler.  That little guy didn’t move the whole ride over.

I just thought the sunflowers along the edge of the road were pretty…

I thought this sign was hilarious!!!  Good food, Great Coffee, and Unforgettable Women? What kind of establishment is this?  Did I go back in time to the Wild, Wild West?  What do they do that is so “unforgettable”?  There’s a story here, folks, but I was two-cats-two-heavy to stop and figure it out.

And for all you would-be-parents out there, here’s your chance.  You can find ’em at the Hollywood Video in Prescott Valley – Free!

That’s all for today folks…  Thanks for stopping by, and have a Hippity, Hoppity, Lovely, Little Easter!

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