“Found” packing

In The Daily Drool on March 20, 2010 at 10:11 am

Sooooo, I’m packing.  And it’s going alright because I’ve been doing a couple boxes here, a couple boxes there.  And I’m intending to get rid of a lot of this stuff, so, you know, less to pack.

But I have discovered a couple “fun” tips:

  • Ralph’s has excellent apple boxes, and apple boxes make for excellent packing.  Just talk up the produce guy, get yer’ boxes, drop ’em off, and head to the next store, next produce guy, etc.
  • Packing materials can be expensive.  I had some bubble wrap lying around that I used on some of my fancier dishes, but then I got to thinking “I’m going to have to go buy a newspaper or something to wrap these things in.”  Then the Victoria Secret catelogue came in the mail… I tore out the staples and that mama-jamma has been very helpful for wrapping.
  • Additionally, I’ve been carting my old bank and credit card statements around since 1998!  Don’t really need those anymore (apparently the tax rule is 7 years, not 12!)  So I got to shredding and MY-oh-MY doesn’t shredded paper make for FANTASTIC packing material!  I’ve got happy, well-protected vases wrapped in Victoria’s Secret and nestled in Citi-bank.

And that’s what I’ve learned so far.  I’ve also learned that “Packing” makes me less wont to make dinner, so I’ve been eating a little too much snack/junk food.  Tonight I am going to the store and get myself something healthy!


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