The Fountain of Youth

In The Daily Drool on March 19, 2010 at 10:54 am

Jelly Fish… are they the secret Watchers of the universe?  A million little brains floating out there at sea, observing, learning…. LIVING FOREVER!

At least, that’s what I’m inferring from the latest news on their regenerative properties.  Seems it’s been discovered that a certain kind of the mushy-sea-dwellers has figured out how to revert back to it’s polyp stage, grow up and old, and revert all over again.  Can you imagine the possibilities?

“I ran into Harold the other day, told him he was getting a little gray around the temples?  Well next thing I know he was squeezing his eyes shut and thinking real hard and then PLOP, he reverted.  Right there on the sidewalk!  Little screaming baby drowning in his old-man suit. Of course I had to scoop him up, drop him off at one of the depositories.  Damned fool couldn’t even wait till he was home to revert!”

What about Grandma, sitting in her moth-ball mansion… everyone standing around her bed, lovingly, as she REVERTs back to infant and Mom and Dad scoop her up, taking her home with smiles and retributive thoughts…  “We’ll see who likes too much sugar on their cereal in the morning, now!”

And ugh, the agony of puberty, over and over and over again?  Even with all the knowing… all the mental progression possible with a brain two hundred years old… to still have to go back through the Ugly and Awkward Gauntlet?  Yech!

Which begs the question, what would become of our brains?  Living forever, would we become smarter?  Humbler?  Would we look out on this world with more care and love and guardianship than any of our currently small life-span allows?  Would we be better people?

And finally, are jellyfish the brains of the ancients?  Reduced to a sack of membranous folds, drifting in the waters, keeping watch… tortured by the severe waste we tend to make of our fortunate legs, arms, and bodies?  Do they lust after our bodies, only to be disgusted by how we squander them?

Well, Jelly Fish, today I march up and down steps for you… I stretch for you… I drink my morning tea, for YOU.   Today, Jelly Fish of the Eternal, you may rest easy on the waves, for I will enjoy this body in your honor.

  1. Do you think the Jelly Fish are laughing at us right now?

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