Daylight-Robbing, and some left-over bits

In The Daily Drool on March 14, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Call me an ARIZONAN, but I really do think daylight savings is the stupidest of traditions.  Twice a year we wrench our bodies, minds, and sleeping souls, into a whole different routine of doing everything an hour ahead or behind of what we’re accustomed to.  While it may very well save on energy costs (oooh, there’s so much natural light now that I’m up an hour earlier!), it’s one of the biggest pains in the ass to get used to.  My body wanted that hour of sleep last night, and it still wants it now.

(huff and puff)

And on a totally unrelated note, I am officially in the box-begging business.  I scored several apple boxes from the grocery store today, and have plans to head back in every day this week to pester the produce man for cardboard.  Oh, yes, this girl’s gotta’ pack.

That being said, I am trying to sell all my big furniture items, and have successfully adopted out the last remaining stuffed animals from my closet.  I (thankfully) found a good home for them, as my friend is having a baby.  They will be loved and drooled on, and I don’t have to worry that they’re being abused by some dirty child with a habit of picking out the eyes.  (shiver)

I also gave my party decorations away.  These things have been loved and adored and are in many a photograph- I had to smile as I was pulling open their bags to check just HOW MANY holidays I’d partied-for.  There were many!

But all these boxes in my living room, and the now (rather large) empty space in my closet are proof positive that I am moving.  And it’s freaking me out.  Yup.  Momma’ wants to curl up in her happy place and have someone else do the sorting/packing/relocating.  But I’ve been told that if I just remember to breathe and take it one day at a time, all will be well.

I’ve been told…

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