Sunday “Morning” Hobnobbery

In The Daily Drool on February 28, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Yes, I know it’s past noon, but I’m still in my pajamas and just wrapping up breakfast, so…

~Cats do not need expensive toys.  Nowhere is this more obvious to me than in Midnite’s favorite toy; a dirty old twist-tie (the extra long kind) that she has been carrying around with her for the past SIX years.  Yes, I even packed it up and brought it over with us when we moved.  And I will be bringing it with us to AZ.  This morning I peeled the plastic ring off the milk jug and threw it at Daredevil’s feet to see what he thought?  Instant love.  They’ve been batting it around ALL MORNING.  Lesson?  Celebrate the little things.  I believe this translates to little kids as well.  My parents love to tell me how much I enjoyed playing witht he pots and pans and with cardboard boxes when I was a wee lass… Really, until kids can talk and compare notes with other kids, you could get away with a lot of savings!

– Sometimes I think I have ADD, or ADHD, or, just a really bad multi-tasking obsession.  So far this morning I’ve been bouncing back and forth between returning emails, writing this, eating oatmeal, and playing with the cats and their new toy :  spoonful to mouth, tap the keys, sip of juice, cats, one more sentence, bite of oatmeal, sip of tea, read the news, sip of juice, cats… etc.

– My table looks like a pit.  The desk turned into a pit and I started working at my table more and more – strangely enough this was precipitated by my new found love-affair with my Mac.  The ‘ol PC is not getting the affection it once had, and I feel bad about that.  But it’s like, buried under a mountain of debris! A mountain that has spread over the table near my Mac… perhaps computers breed debris?  Mayhaps they poop it out at night, long after the people are asleep and it’s been working all day, just “Pfffft” – clutter.

-Time for another bite… sip of juice… CATS!

– Sat down to write out a new story idea – a drama – and wrote a pitch for said story idea as a dark comedy.  It just sounds ridiculous and silly every way I write it… perhaps the Muse is on to something here… Oftentimes we sit down with expectations only to find that the truth of the matter is something else entirely.  I don’t quite see the humor in it yet, but the sequence of events does sound funny when put together…  Oh, Muse, I’m listening!

– Finally done with the oatmeal.  And the tea was shlurped up.  And the OJ is gone.  (sigh) I think it’s time to separate myself from the computer for a spell and get myself cleaned up for the day.


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