Waiting Game

In The Daily Drool on February 27, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Tragedy struck in Chile last night- an earthquake of terrible force- and now we all sit and wait with a strange anticipation to see what havoc it will echo in Hawaii.  Knowing that a tsunami is headed towards the island paradise with tremendous speed stirs my fascination with mother nature’s power.

I love apocalyptic movies, Armageddon, The Day After, 2012… if the world is coming to an end on celluloid, I’m buying a ticket.  But here we are watching real-life versions of Nature’s strength and I still can’t peel my eyes away from the screen, or my mind away from the possibilities…

What about boats out in the Pacific?  Are they facing gigantic dips and subsequent waves of water? Visions of A Perfect Storm well up from my memory’s backlog.  What about the ocean inhabitants?  What happens to the fish and the mammels?  Do they know something is coming?  Or are they going to be caught unawares?

My mind is racing, my curiosity piqued, and I can’t help but think about our technological advantage over our ancestors – Imagine leaving home to travel (and travel took much, much longer centuries ago) only to return home to… nothing-  A city completely destroyed by earthquake or tsunami- buildings constructed of lessor skill or knowledge might not stand a chance… and the heartbreaking unknowables!  What if no one remained to explain what happened there?  What if all you were able to uncover were rumors in nearby cities?  What wonder and terror you would feel finding nothing where before had been an entire community!  Imagine an otherwise sunny day, turned to ruin via unexpected waters, and no one else in the world able to send help because there is no way to tell them what has happened?  I’m seeing it, I’m imagining the horror, and I’m amazed that we can bear witness to these natural disasters happening around the world, we can pray, donate money, contact loved ones… We can sit on the couch with our proverbial popcorn, and watch it as it happens.

The ripples of an event occuring on the other side of the world reaching out to us all…  There are so many implications of this inter-connectivity that it makes the mind spin.

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