The Long Gone Roomie Blues

In The Daily Drool on February 26, 2010 at 10:33 am

My roomate, my very kind and quiet roomate, left today for China.

And I am sad.

We didn’t hang out, per se, but we did live together for 2 years and had developed a very peaceful routine, and now that he’s gone, well, this whole “Vacating LA” thing seems all the more real.

And therefore terrifying.

Because I also had to write my notice to the landlord today.

Which makes things REALLY real.

Which means I am moving.


And I’m not a big fan of change…  change… CHANGE?!?!  (insert scary music and dizzying lighting effects)

So let’s not talk about my change…  Let’s talk about Ian and China!

As he was waiting for his shuttle this morning he told me that he’s basically accepted a job in a country that he dislikes – a job in banking that requires him to be in utter obedience to his boss, the odds being pretty good that he’ll have to work 80 or more hours a week, where drinking is a near daily required social activity and where he’ll have to entertain clients at their mercy – this is where my quiet, kind-of-shy, homebody of a roomate is heading?!  I just can’t imagine it.

But he’s doing it because he thinks it will be a good work experience, he will learn a lot and it will look good on his resume, even though he already knows he will be (in all likelihood) miserable.  (Is that how you spell likelihood?  The red squiggle isn’t showing up, but my goodness that’s a strange looking word!)

I sat there, listening to him describe this terrifying sounding environment, (there’s no facebook in China!  WTF?) and just couldn’t believe he was going!  Knowingly going… knowingly heading into something he knows he won’t like… and I wondered if I could do it.

I didn’t wonder long, I mean, I’m not moving home because I’m unemployable.  I’m moving home because I didn’t apply for any of those full-time jobs that would get in the way of my writing.  I’m an artist, I give in to the muse and the muse doesn’t like strict rules or even 40 hour work weeks, much less 80!?  ACK!  There’s no way I’d survive that kind of life.

But he’s on his way, on his way to this new crazy place that sounds like some kind of punishment.  He said he’s thinking of it like a jail sentance – one year.  He thinks he can do it for one year.

I told him that since his boss here in LA is holding the door open for a return, if he gets over there and hates it?  He should feel no shame or worry at all about coming back… soon.

It’s interesting what we tell ourselves, and what we are willing to do (or think we are willing to do) when told it’s going to be good for us…  It’s interesting and a wee bit scary.

  1. That IS how you spell “likelihood”.

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