Daredevil as Hamster?

In The Daily Drool on February 18, 2010 at 12:42 pm

I had weird dreams last night.  Yes, I know, big surprise.

I was running around trying to get people organized, like a sheep dog.  And clutched lovingly in my hand as I was running around, trying to keep kids away from the pool, was a little hamster called Daredevil.


I know.

That’s weird.

Because my adorable little snuggle bug of a cat is named Daredevil, and he’s anything but Hamster sized.

And in this dream of mine he was all over fluffy with orange fur and kept squirming out of my hand and into mischief, so that on top of people-wrangling, I was chasing after him.

So I woke up very tired.

And perhaps it’s not all that interesting, but I woke up with Daredevil (the cat) snuggled up right next to me in my bed.

And I was petting him.

This cat has got me petting him in my sleep!

Jedi-mind tricks indeed.

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