Blowing Gaskets

In The Daily Drool on February 17, 2010 at 11:46 am

Well… the phone rang this morning with the despicable news that my car, lovely, scraped up Miss Irma, had not only cracked her radiator and ruined her temperature gauge, but she had blown her head gasket as well.

I don’t know what the gasket is responsible for, but evidently it’s major, because the voice on the phone was very serious.

And it’s deadly expensive.

BUT, and here’s the only real rainbow here, because I am the original owner, and because I left it in the hands of the dealer, this repair is covered under Hyundai’s 10 year/100,000 mile gaurantee.

Yes, say it with me now:  “WHEW!”

But I will be sans car into next week.  NEXT WEEK!

There is something about car problems that is absolutely overwhelming.  Here you have this big heavy machine at your disposal and absolutely no idea how it works… you are completely dependent on the service technicians to tell you what it needs and then you just kind of sit back and hope that it all works out alright.

Looks like I’ll be doing a lot more walking than I thought…

  1. T to the A – That warrantee was God’s plan! Whew is right. You blow a head gasket by not having oil or oil pressure (thank you, I know because I’ve done this. An exBF of mine once pointed out that every single girl he knew had blown one) so I would put into motion a routine oil/pressure check for Miss Irma. Let me know if you need a lift anywhere.

  2. I want a man who knows cars… The mechanic says that the radiator overheating is what caused the blown gasket, so I guess that relates to the “pressure”. I’m an avid oil changer/checker, so at least it wasn’t that. My dad would blow a gasket if I let the oil go untended. (sigh) CARS!!!

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