Come Together

In The Daily Drool on February 13, 2010 at 10:49 am

People can be a whole lot like cattle.  I think it’s part of why I can get so claustrophobic in crowded places, my imagination terrified by the possibilities of a stampede.  Masses of people have been known to do all sorts of horrific things- oftentimes eschewing individual thought in favor of stupidity – sometimes often to tragic ends.

But, like yin and yang, there come spots of sunshine… combined efforts – groups of people working together en mass – that inspire you… that show you the great possibility, the promise, of humankind.

And it’s this duality that is so striking to me.  This potential for “either”.  We are, after all, just people.  We are bound to dip into the dark and grey on occasion.  We are none of saints or sinners, but more likely a microcosmic representation of this yin/yang juxtaposition… confronted daily with choices that either negate or reaffirm our primary affiliation.  Am I plus or am I minus?  Am I present or am I satellite?  Am I me or am I us?

Then this morning I watched the new “We are the World” video (some of you probably saw it on TV last night before the Olympic Games started) and I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face at the passion put into making this video, and the energy put into helping the people of Haiti.  And I was moved by the goodness, by the hope, by the music of their spirit.

Because we are capeable of such greatness!  Of such love!  It’s reaffirming to see it in action, even as there is so much fighting everywhere around us.

I’m not a believer in in “MAN”- I don’t think we are the end-all/be-all of this planet, this existence… I believe instead that we are but one part, one piece, a piece with the ability to love and protect this place, our home, or to destroy it.   And we are in a constant state of moral, ethical, and spiritual evolution.  We should strive to be our best selves because all that we do is reflected around us… we really are, in some ways, the world – it turns and turns regardless, but our social structures, the way we have chosen to live, is based on our collective design.  Why not try to make it better?

And I’m not sure where all this is coming from except that there is something joyful and life-affirming in seeing people coming together to work towards a redemptive purpose… To help someone else.  To step beyond the self.  To stir other hearts to listening.

It’s a sweet bit, along this sometimes tart and sour path to humanity.

  1. Great post. If more people saw the world that way I think it would be a better place.

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