Hairballs and Through-lines

In The Daily Drool on February 12, 2010 at 1:41 pm


That’s what I’m thinking about when the in-box chimes in, its merry little alarm singing “You have mail” with a one-note DING.

I’m thinking about hairballs and why Midnite seems to only be stricken with them when I’m attending to Daredevil’s snuggle-itus, and how that coincidence points to her having feelings on the subject, feelings of jealousy or annoyance, feelings that, as I hop to her side and coo at her heaving sides, seem to disappear just as suddenly and as magically as that “hairball” had arrived.  And I’m thinking that this cat, this feline, is quite a lot smarter than you’d think just by looking at her.

And then the email bell dings and Midnite’s twitching her tail with satisfaction because at least it’s not “The Other Cat” that I’m abandoning her for.


You have mail.

You have mail from someone male.

Someone you haven’t heard from in a while.

Someone that makes you a little nervous.

And I’m thinking “HAIRBALL!”  In my throat.  I can feel it, blocking, chugging, irritating…  I can FEEL IT.

But there isn’t anyone here to tend to my nerves, it’s just me and my warring kitties.  Warring today because the sun was finally out and there was only one good block of sunshine to be sprawled in, and then I came along and there was sunshine and a lap to be fought over.

And I’m wondering, along the lines of this monumental hairball that I’m feeling, this thing choking me into paralysis, I’m wondering if it isn’t all some sort of ridiculous joke.

Why do I still care?  Why should my sides need petting, so to speak, when naught has passed, and naught shall pass, and it’s just me and my kitties and this computer I lean on?

And then I look to Midnite and her flickering tail, and I look at the computer and it’s flickering light, and I turn on my heel, choke down this big lump, and take my cloistered self on out the door.

I pick up the keys on my way, I toss on a hat to hide the bed-head-hair, and I step out into the light of the world – a world where the sun shines not just in patch on the floor, bur across the whole sky.  And I take a deep breath, a breath filled with possibility.

There are no hairballs.

There are no electronic dings.

There is only sunshine and fresh air.


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