SNOW!!! (I want it)

In Playwriting, The Daily Drool on February 11, 2010 at 10:58 am

A couple of the cast members from Jane Doe asked me the other day, “Why Snow?  Why the North Pole?”  They were referring, of course, to the lead characters subconcious obsession with the place and all it’s parts.  I didn’t have a ready answer, but what I did manage to articulate was that there is just something so romantic about the idea of a great white canvas spread out before you… a fresh page, a clean slate…

But now that the East Coast is blizzarding and photos of snow-covered cities are plastered across my yahoo pages, I find that I am positively lusting after the stuff… perhaps some of Jane Doe’s obsessions were there simply because I love snow.

When I was little I would play for hours in the winter-wonderland of our backyard.  I would imagine that I was crossing over into a frozen tundra from another world everytime I scrambled over the bricks stacked next to the house – a formidable wall, I’ve no idea why we had these piles of bricks! – and once I had shimmied down the other side I was no longer in Prescott, I was in a land far, far away.  The ice, the snow, the tracks in it… all were wonderful, magical events to be cherished.  I spent a considerable amount of time imagining these worlds and the characters in them, and I think back to those frozen adventures with relish.

Which is why I’m looking at these beautiful pictures of snow from the weather-parched “70 and sunny” state of Los Angeles (yes, sometimes it feels like its own country even) and I’m yearning to be over there, mittens on hands, toasty hat on head, rosy-cheeked and ready for hot cocoa by the fireplace.

There is just something about it that screams “Home” and promises fun and comfort… a completely different world than this practically artificial one I now inhabit.

So, perhaps Jane Doe longed for snow because I long to be somewhere with a full four seasons- somewhere away from palm trees and perma-sun… We do write ourselves into our stories more often than we know, after all.

  1. 90 minutes away – Lake Arrowhead / Big Bear. Go there!!!

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