My Sunday Adventure

In The Daily Drool on January 31, 2010 at 12:53 pm

The internet is a powerful, powerful thing… And today I fell victim to one of it’s creepiest of tricks; the “If you thought this was interesting, you might also like this” software.

It started with my innocent click on an article about a baby born without eyes.  Yes, you read that correctly. Of course I had to see what/how/where, etc.   and then after that was all read, I clicked on the suggested link about a baby born with four legs and four arms which was fascinating for a whole new set of reasons- chief among them being that the village in which she was born had deemed her an incarnation of the deity Lakshmi, and were she to undergo surgery to remove the excessive parts, what would that mean for the Village?

It got me thinking about our continued fascination with the abnormal, grotesque, and amazing.  Decade ago we didn’t have the science to explain it – we ascribed these “miracles” or “Curses” to Gods and demons, to behavior and character… now we know that this Lakshmi had a parasitic twin attached to her lower body… but does that “knowing” diminish the mystery?  Or can a village still believe the child to be an incarnation of a Goddess?  Or is the science merely the blueprint by which the miracle occured?  It’s truly a fascinating circle of thought.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

So there I was, trucking along the “Wow!  This is bizarre” inter-web, when I traveled into an article about a child born with paralyzed vocal chords that made me very sad, and on over to a photo of the worlds smallest bodybuilder (just over 2 feet tall and weighs only 19 lbs himself) and that took me into Guiness Record territory where I eventually found myself putting hands between eyes and computer screen because they had grotesque pictures of tumors and things gettign cut out of bodies, and a 1 lb kidney stone… and yech!

I mean, I’m sitting here with my hand blocking the photos and I think “TIFFANY!   Get out of here!”

So, I’m going to go for a walk because the weather is beautiful today.  But I’ve got to say, what a circus of thought.  The world is a strange, strange place populated by the miracle of life and all its colors…

  1. Yes, I relate. I once spent a whole weekend googling bizarre medical conditions under the guise of research only to realize I had a bizarre psychological condition called wasting my life.

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