Can someone please introduce me to Robert Duvall?

In The Daily Drool on January 27, 2010 at 9:37 am

I went to a screening of Crazy Heart tonight at the WGA  (Thank you Sara, again)  This time the writer/director was there for a little talk-back after the movie and aside from being a mere 38 years old, nominated for oodles of rewards, being offered movie projects by all the big-wigs and managing a mighty handsome face, Mr. Scott Cooper also seems to have been blessed by an angel named Robert Duvall.

The movie is really remarkable, so you should all see it.  It’s no wonder everyone is screaming “Jeff Bridges” everytime awards are mentioned.  He gives such a nuanced performance that you can practically smell him.

But we’re sitting in the theatre and Mr. Scott Cooper throws his hands up in the air with genuine appreciation to his benefactor, mentor, and friend Robert Duvall – a man who, after working with Cooper on Gods and Generals, invited him to dinner and then into his life.  It seems, if you want to get a movie made, write a kick ass draft of it and get it to Robert Duvall.

Not only did he believe in Cooper so much as to sign on to act in it, he also produced the damn thing.

Try NOT getting a movie made with that kind of Hollywood Royalty attached.

Listening to this young man speak on his terrific success was like eating white truffles; delicious and rich, but you know there’s no way in hell you’re getting a second helping anytime soon because unlike the gentleman before you, you don’t know Robert Duvall.


So anyone want to introduce me?


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