The Untrod Tomato

In The Daily Drool on January 20, 2010 at 11:48 am

When I was younger I remember NOT liking New Kids on the Block.  I didn’t think smoking was cool, and it took me ages to jump on The Simpsons train… I think I had an immediate dislike for things deemed “Popular” because, well, let’s face it, I wasn’t.

And what’s better than pining after things most appreciated, you ask?  Well, sending affection to those potentially skipped over.

So I read a lot of books, I watched (and listened to) After-School-Specials.

I rejoiced in the success of the apparent underdog, and I still occasionally do.

And I’m thinking of this now because I find that my own self-perception is still that of an oddity- The heirloom tomato so to speak, of the produce section.

You see it staring up at you and you lean in for a closer look, perhaps even prod it with your finger, take a sniff… but unless you really know what to make of it, you certainly aren’t going to lay down the dough to bring one of those little fuckers home.

Because I’m specific- my writing is it’s own flavor, my louder-than-probably-necessary laugh an event in and of itself, and I’m not particularly interested in main-stream, vanilla kind of people.

So the next time I’m bitching about being lonely, or being bored, or I’m feeling overwhelmed by the crazy life I’ve chosen – please just remind me that I’m a fancy tomato and therefore need to be a tad more patient; I wasn’t made for traditional recipes and regular cooks don’t have the right ingredients to work with me.


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