And then it’s HERE

In Playwriting, The Daily Drool on January 14, 2010 at 11:36 am

Isn’t time funny?  Four months ago I couldn’t imagine what tip-top shape the play was going to be in… I couldn’t even imagine how I was going to be paying rent (by the skin of my teeth, apparently) But here we are, January 2010, and it’s opening night!

It’s amazing.

Because no matter what you imagine your life to be, it always takes its own shape.

Sure, it might be based on your designs, but more often than not it’s like you pointed at a spot on the wall, threw a dart, and prayed that it hit your estimation… And you pray that you like it there!

I read this book a while back called Stumbling On Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert.  Not only is the man funny, but he’s got some really interesting things to say about Happiness, our perception of it, and why (ultimately) we’re pretty ill-equipped to manage it.  But one of my favorite bits goes ROUGHLY like this (I looked through the book but couldn’t locate the exact quote):  We are constantly living for our future selves, treating them like a child “Oh, Future Me will like this… I’ll skip the butter for Future Me… If I do x y, z then Future Me will be happy”… is it no surprise then that, much like a child, arriving at that Future Self, we sometimes look back and wonder (with shock) “What was I thinking?!”

I think it’s interesting that four months ago I thought I knew exactly what I needed to be happy, only it all seemed impossible to reach – therefore, I was going to be miserable for a good long while  😦   But here I am, in much of the same financial irregularity and disarray, but I’m wearing a big ‘ol smile.

Which isn’t to say I could be back to my babbling, confused, distressed and overly-worrisome self soon enough, haha.

But the point is this – It’s damn hard to live in the NOW of things, I am constantly worrying about what’s NEXT… Except that this week I’m just going to celebrate being here.  I made it to one of my “If I can just hold out till the play…” markers, and I deserve to celebrate it.

I can’t believe it’s opening night!

  1. Stay in the now for the whole run of the show — YOU DESERVE IT!

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