Road Signs and Eyeballs

In Essays, The Daily Drool on January 11, 2010 at 5:00 pm

There is an interesting thing that happens along Tennessee Ave. over here in Los Angeles- traveling east/west, it alternates stop signs so that (as you travel along) you may have to stop at the next intersection, or you might get to blow right through while the unfortunate North/South’ers must wait… or you could all have to stop and play “Who’s on my right?”.  The point is, there’s no consistency, so you can’t assume that just because you’re stopping and waiting a turn, everyone else is too.

I mention all this because it never fails that someone comes trekking right along, stops, and starts to go before honking at you insanely for driving through the intersection like you’re supposed to – oblivious to the fact that THEY are the one’s NOT PAYING ATTENTION. You see, they’re only looking at their own signs… their own road.  And you, lovely little you, are but an intrusion on their journey.

And I think that’s interesting.

How many times in your life do you run into people who are suffering from a similar degree of “tunnel vision?”  I bet it’s often, hell, I bet some of you are even guilty of this yourself.  We can’t ALWAYS be paying attention to EVERYTHING after all.

But there are some major self-obsessed douche bags out there walking around and I’d like to just say that when I meet them, I kind of want to launch them into outer space, because they’re not making life any easier for the rest of us who share planet Earth… you know what I mean?

Because it’s not just courtesy to look both ways before pulling into the intersection, it’s life saving.

There are too many people out here, and too many issues on the table NOT to be looking around yourself, to in fact, try to look BEYOND yourself, as you cruise on down the life-path.  This world has a much bigger population than YOU!

So, slow down!  Take a breather.  Look up from your self-obsessions and self-loathings, and your self entirely, and pay attention!

You might learn something.


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