Time Suckers Get Lost

In The Daily Drool on January 7, 2010 at 11:01 am

Sooooo, with the world wide web at my beck and call almost all day, I tend to spend a little too much time hopping on and off my facebook, email, news pages, etc.  One of the stupid things I got caught up in on Facebook was a little game called Mafia Wars- a game which really has no end, nor serves any purpose, other than to feed that human curiosity of “What happens next?”

It’s that curiosity that keeps you checking in now and then to “Rob an electronics store” or “Bribe a politician” to no real-world effect other than wasting 5 or 10 minutes of your time with this nonsense.  And today I deleted it.

Because today (perhaps it’s all that warm spring-like air) I want to purge.

I did a little light closet-cleaning, took a walk around the neighborhood, came inside and decided the last thing I need to be doing is focusing on games… and then I did the dishes, and now I’m going to walk the garbage and recycling downstairs.

And perhaps they’re all just little things, but I think that with my life so seemingly beyond my own control, these little things add up to at least a little bit of relief.

  1. I’ve gone old Turkey with Farmville. Going to Vietnam allowed me to break my dependence, and I’ve been careful not to go back. I haven’t deleted it, though. How does one even do that?

  2. Well, I “x”ed it off my applications list – I have a sneaking suspicion Mafia Wars hasn’t deleted me tho, I’ve gotten a few “updates”. Power through!

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