Strange Dream Hangover

In The Daily Drool on January 4, 2010 at 12:56 pm

Strange faces and weird encounters… that was last night.  I had CSI dreams of a red-headed girl being handed over to a Madame, my mom making hats, going back in time to 1986, trying to find someone to feed my cats while I was time traveling…  No wonder I’m so tired today.

And I don’t feel like doing anything.

Because I was crazy busy last night in my sleep.

The disappointing thing is that none of it was particularly enjoyable (except maybe the time traveling) So rather than be exhausted from mad-cap adventures and joy, I’m grumpy and tired from nonsensical stress.


Perhaps tonight I should partake in some soothing warm milk and crisp happy cookies before bed in a peace offering to ‘ol Mister Sandman and his magic.


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