My Dancing Shoes

In The Daily Drool on January 1, 2010 at 10:48 pm

I forgot how much I love to dance until we rang in the New Year with some much needed boogie-ing.  Happy New Year indeed!

Sometimes, because I have such a tendancy to sweat the small and large stuff, I get bogged down in not-necessarily-making-the-most-of-life… or in other words, I spend too much time at my apartment, attached to my computer, and day-dreaming the day away with new worlds and imaginary characters intended to wow audiences and pay my bills in the process.

I forget to dance.

So last night as I toasted 2010’s arrival with friends, I made every effort to rally them on down the block a ways to the music pulsing bar across the street.   I’m so very glad they joined in the cause, because we danced in the new year, and I went to sleep feeling so very happy- happy to have 2009 FINALLY done with, and so very happy to have begun 2010 with good friends, fun music, and that slight sheen of sweat trickling down the small of my back from a happily piqued dancing fever.

May 2010 be full of many more such lovely moments of revelry in which I remember to celebrate this life and all it’s joys.

After all, it’s the joys that make all those challenges worth the effort.


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