The Chilly Willies

In The Daily Drool on December 28, 2009 at 5:24 pm

I’ve been complaining nigh on 11 years now about the dreariness of Los Angeles winters- it gets cooler, sometimes even downright cold, but those days are often cancelled out by days of innapropriate warmth sneaking in and mucking up the holiday clock… I mean, it’s just hard to feel like Christmas is a-coming when it’s 78 degrees outside and little squirrels are sunbathing on the rocks outside your window.

Which is why, oh reader dear, I’ve been so enjoying my little sojourn in the good ‘ol mountainous homeland.  I mean, it’s 34 degrees here today… that’s the HIGH!  Which is what it’s supposed to feel like in December.

And I know there are a lot of folks suffering through negative temperatures, insane wind-chills, and piles of snow, but I’ve got to say (as someone who gets a tad tired of LA’s perpetual disregard to the seasons) YAHOO to a bit of the chilly willies.

Granted, I’m not living in a climate that keeps the gauge so low for months on end… but I’ve got to say there is a joyfulness missing from the LA calendar- the joy of the first snowfall, the relief when the first flowers bloom and spring is once again upon you with her promise of sunshine kisses and soft rain, the bliss of hot summer days on the beach or at the pool, and the quiet rush of falling leaves in Autumn.


In LA it’s all one big warmish muddle.

Which is why I am enjoying my sweaters and coats and scarves and boots, my parent’s fireplace, and the snuggly comfort of hot cocoa…

I’ll return to awkward LA and it’s seasonally challenged dress-code soon enough.

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