The Exception

In The Daily Drool on December 27, 2009 at 10:03 pm

I realized something this week, all thanks to James Cameron.  You see, he directed a little film (you might have heard of it) called AVATAR, and it’s kind of super-kick-ass-great.  In fact, it is an event unto itself.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize how absolutely exceptional the man is- I mean, he brought us The Abyss, Terminator, and Titanic (to name a few)  He’s a man of extraordinary vision and follow-through.

He’s an inspiration.

And I don’t know what the man is like personally, so I’m speaking strictly accomplishments here, but isn’t it amazing that one man should bring us so many original and visually stunning films as he has?

Because he is an exception.

Because there are many, many layers of artist; from the very, very bottom to the very, very top of the canvas, and it’s littered with people of varying skill and talent.  You’ve got to have a fantastic combination of both of those plus dedication, courage, a little bit of luck and maybe even some magic to make it to the top, but to rise above even that?


And the thing that I realized, as I was sitting through the credits wrapped in awe, is that I too want to be exceptional- that I too want to create exciting and stunning worlds, to take people’s breath away with wonder…

That I too want to lead an exceptional life.

(I know, I’m aiming low, HA!)

But it’s that desire, that passion for excellence and dreams-realized, that keeps me tap, tap, tapping away at the keys, listening to the muse on my wing, and rationing the grocery money while I try to survive in hungry LA.

Perhaps what was most interesting to me in that moment of “WOW” was the fact that this very yearning-to-be-special passion is mirrored in each of Cameron’s films… in each of them ordinary people are put under extraordinary circumstances and thus compelled to discover their immeasureable value to the world in which they find themeselves.  The characters may not be desiring any of these mystical forces, but they are thrust upon them anyway…

Which is why, as I wandered home and then listened to the echoes of the experience (for Avatar 3-D is an experience) I considered that crockpot of ideas i keep stirring- the ideas that come to the top are usually the most exciting, most challenging ones to write and to revel in.

So I hope, that as I continue on this path of mine, that I keep thinking like Mr. Cameron- what is going to excite us?  What is going to make people want to come back for more?  What is going to make them feel, for the duration of their theatrical experience, exceptional?

Because movies and theatre that can transport and awe are the only kinds I want to write.

The rest is just popcorn.


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