Getting LOST

In The Daily Drool on December 17, 2009 at 11:53 am

Soooo, I’m still sick.  As in, my voice is slooooowly returning and I still cough and want to sleep all day.  Which is perfect for DVD watching – as of last night I am all caught up on season 4 of LOST.

And I forgot how much I LOVE that show!

Because last year I decided that before I watched Season 5, I would re-watch Season 4.  I was so into this plan that I let my DVR do all the watching and recording for me until I could get the re-watching completed.  I also figured this would make for more joyful watching, as by the time I got through with 4, season 5 would all but be recorded and I wouldn’t have to wait every week for news of the Oceanic 6 and Those They Left Behind…

But I never finished Season 4… so I never started Season 5… and somewhere in all of my DVR-ing, those episodes got, well, lost…

So yesterday, as I wrapped up the 4th season finale and moved on the my DVR I was met with a very unpleasant realization- I’m going to have to rent or buy Season 5 in order to find out what happened last year, just like any other schmuck without a DVR.

So much for my grand plan!

But I have to admit, I enjoyed my marathon this week.  I mean, if you have to be sick and feeling crappy, LOST is a great way to pass the time!


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