Ahhh, the cooties got me!

In The Daily Drool on December 14, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Well, I knew waking up on Saturday that continuing with the planned Holiday Fiesta was a risky move- I felt like crap and my voice was barely present… But I couldn’t muster the courage to cancel.  I wanted to see everybody, and I had already bought the turkey.  So I pressed on with my day- a day begun in Valencia with this “Miss Tiffany has a little voice today, so let’s everyone be on our best behavior so she doesn’t have to talk too loudly!”  to a room full of empathetic 4 yr. olds who quickly forgot about Miss Tiffany’s cold entirely and dissolved into their regular rambunctious behaviors.


So by the time I got back home for last minute decorations and turkey preparations (while I was certainly feeling festive) my voice-box was on it’s last little legs.

And I will say that I had a LOVELY time (and drank only hot tea), it was so nice to see everyone and the food was all delightful.  (we didn’t even wind up with a dozen pumpkin pies like last year, so yay!)  But when all was said and done, and the last reveler had gone, I was left to face the non-music… my voice was GONE, and the germs that conquered were setting up camp in my chest.

For the cold, thus left untended, had taken over.

So Sunday was spent abed, and acouch, and today I will spend a chunk of my time aKaiser…

The funny thing being (in all the coughing and whining) is that I knew I was pressing my luck, yet I forged ahead anyway.

And I wonder, if the wonders of modern medicine weren’t so readily available… if I wasn’t paying $160 a month for the “luxury” of a $30 co-pay to see Dr. Somebody-or-other, would I have been so lax on my own upkeep?  I mean, a hundred years ago, I might not have had such a cavalier attitude about these persistent germs… I might have been in bed, on a strict OJ and chicken soup diet… intimidated by the threat of leeches or other such unusual treatments.

Instead, living as we do now, I forged ahead with little worry as to how I would manage the consequences.

And in all honesty, while the party surely didn’t help matters, it wasn’t solely to blame; rather it became an accelerant- too much talking, laughing, and energy spending- thus I depleted my dwindling resources.

So today, I will celebrate in the marvels of modern medicine- I will rest up with more tv-watching and wii playing, and I will hope that my voice returns post haste.

And I will smile through the coughing as I think of all the fun I had celebrating the holidays with my very dear friends this season.

  1. This is human nature…why seat belts and air bags have just caused us to drive faster and more recklessly…

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