The decorations are up!

In The Daily Drool on December 11, 2009 at 11:25 am

There is something about decorating your house for Christmas that makes the whole season so much more fun!  I love putting up my Christmas tree, looking at each lovely ornament as I hang them… And the twinkling lights make the whole room glow with the promise of a happiness, good tidings, and cheer.  At least, that’s what I think of when I look around.

I imagine when I was younger, the tree only made me think of the presents beneath it.

But I’m older now, and although I reeeeeaaally like to give gifts, I don’t really think about getting them anymore.  Because the holidays are about celebrating the one’s you love, be it with a gift you bring them, or time you spend with them.  And that’s what I really treasure, the time.  Because it goes fast and never asks us how we feel about it.  It’s up to us to enjoy every moment we can!  Christmas just always reminds me of that… of the fleeting nature of life, and of our commitment to cherish it.

And besides, everything looks prettier with a bit of tinsel spread over it!

But however you celebrate the winter holidays, I hope it is lovely and warm… and may you be with the ones you love  🙂

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