Heart Stoppers and Time Suckers

In The Daily Drool on December 3, 2009 at 2:21 pm

Alright, let’s explore a little thing happening in my world right now called the “CRAP I DON’T UNDERSTAND OR HAVE TIME FOR” file and it keeps insisting on rearing it’s ugly little head.

First there was the ticket SNAFU colorfully documented here on Tuesday.  Now it’s the damn LA City Fire Department and my old UCLA insurance duking it out over the prior’s late filing for a 1 mile lift they gave to me and my sprained, swolen, un-walkable ankle in May of 2008.   (remember this?)

I’m seriously considering just NOT opening my mail anymore…  and maybe moving to Alaska.

After a few phone calls, it seems that this sort of thing (late filing) happens often, and  I shouldn’t be worried about it because the LACFD and the Insurance Company are going to duke it out between them (whew)  But my blood pressure is seriously tired of these scary envelopes with hefty threatening fines inside.

And I don’t have time for these phone calls and panic attacks.

It amazes me how damn busy I can be and still not really (technically) even employed.  I’ve got a few gigs here and there keeping me in bologna and cheese, but every time I open one of these heart-stoppers I have visions of me on the street with a Big-Gulp cup begging for change.


It’s time for some GOOD news, oh Gods of Finance.  GOOD.

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