Road Warrior…

In The Daily Drool on November 28, 2009 at 1:05 pm

Okay, I almost forgot about this little gem.


"I think we got ourselves a success story!"



I snapped this on my camera phone at the gas station on my way over.  What makes it truly memorable is the “Lead up” to it.

First, it is important to understand The Line – you know those interminable gas lines where cars sit, idling away, waiting for the fill-up?   You could be there forever if the guzzlers in front of you have to go inside to pay, get their munchies, use the restroom- The lady in front of me actually went inside to fetch paper towels with which to lift the pump.  Then she had some other sort of malfunction, the details to which I was not made privy, but which involved her shrugging her paper-towel-mitted-shoulder over and over, over the course of about FOREVER.

Anyway, just as I was regretting my line selection (why is the line you’re in always the slowest?) the car on the opposite side of the pump departed and this GENIUS pulled in, his car about 3 feet away from the pump.  He actually had to get out of the car, pull the pump out to it’s limit and try stretching it across the back of the vehicle before he acknowledged they’d probably have to move the car.

I knew I was witnessing some true magic when, rather than back the car out and reverse it in properly, he had his car-mate crawl over to the driver’s side, back the car out a few inches and sidle up closer- gas tank still on the left.

Not close enough.

Another attempt.

Not close enough…

And with one more back-and-forth-and-over…

They made it.

Sort of.

Because now he’s got the pump in the gas tank but his partner in crime is STILL REVERSING… until Joe Schmoe here peeks around and hollers for them to stop.

And I’m pulling out my camera phone because it’s either that or I start screaming out the window “YOU ARE AN IDIOT!  IDIOT!  IDIOT!”

These people are out there on the road!  So keep your eyes peeled, and your wits about you.


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