Tiffany’s Data Entry SNAFU

In Essays, The Daily Drool on November 16, 2009 at 12:16 pm

Sooooo, I don’t know if it was here or elsewhere that I spoke about my upcoming potential office temp job… Basically it was a data entry position in Westlake Village, 40 hours a week.  My good friends needed someone in their office, they thought of me, sounded wonderful (except the 40 hour work-week part… but I thought, “Hey, I can do it!”)

And then 6:15 a.m. this morning happened, and I crawled to the bathroom bleary eyed, confused, and wondering how on earth I was going to manage these early hours 5 days a week, but then I felt my imaginary pockets and thought “Hey, I can do it!”

Then I got in the car and drove… and drove… and DROOOOVE, because Westlake Village (for all you non-Angeleenos.. or hell, even for those of you that do live here) is WAAAAY up the 101.  I had to call my friend after 40 minutes to ask if I had missed the turn-off.  I was, after all, already leaving Calabasas.

I hadn’t missed anything.

So I’m driving, thinking all “Hmmm, 4o minutes without traffic,the drive home with is going to take, like… 2-weeks!”

And I started to sweat.

But I got there.

I told myself I was anticipating unnecessary panic and shrugged it off with a “Hey, I can do it.”

And I met some of the office folks (who were nice), and I sat down at my station (which was nice), and as my friend started explaining what it was the company does I realized that I never took any business classes, I never took any sort of anything about the market, I don’t even know what an IRA does… and here I was about to be messing around with market info details on their computers and I sweated a little bit more.

But it was interesting.  Very interesting.  So I told myself that I was learning stuff, I was getting new experience… and I like to learn new things.  The world is a mysterious place.  And as he continued speaking about this whole financial world of mystery I realized that it is a damn miracle that the stock market even works!  I mean, here is a system manifested by men who speak numbers and decimal points… a vast collaboration of suited individuals who speak the language of $$… A system so complex and layered that it employs thousands of people and the whole thing actually works.

And my friend hands me over to the girl who is going to train me, and I watch her confirm addresses (because this is all I’d be doing- I’m not expected to know much more than how to confirm and correct the client data in the system) and even this has its own little sub-system of functionality that requires more understanding… it has a code, it has rules, and my fingers are saying “Haaay, this is different…”

And the sweat is collecting because my eyes are starting to glaze over because I’m sitting there listening to her thinking “40 hours a week.  40 hours a week.  I will be doing this for 40 HOURS A WEEK!”

When would I write?

Because that’s the key question.

I’ve been hired to ghost-write a screenplay and that shit ain’t going to write itself, or write itself on 40(+ driving time!) hours of $10-per-hour -data-entry diet… (sigh) So the sweat went running.

And so did I.

So much for my foray into the world of Data Entry.

  1. I love the jobs you quit right away…. so liberating!

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