“Let me check my Calendar”

In The Daily Drool on November 13, 2009 at 11:11 am

I was talking with a dear friend last night about the battle of “Yes”; Friends, peers, businessy types who present exciting opportunities.  All of them coming at you with interesting propositions that you don’t want to turn down for fear of missing out or losing out…

“Hey, can you…” Yes.  “Would you be able to..” Yes.  “I would love it if you could…” Yes. “You’d be perfect for…” Yes.

Which all starts to pile up like the 405 at rush hour until you want to scream from the congestion “I DON’T HAVE ANY DAMN TIME!”

And everyone turns to look at the pink-faced lunatic who’s screaming in the check-out line at the CVS.


I battle this problem, and I think a lot of creative aspiring types do as well, because we don’t want to miss out on any opportuities, and so many of them are fun, exciting, artistic challenges that we pile our plate ridiculously high… so what do we do?  Well, as someone once suggested, the best thing to do is NOT say “Yes” right off the bat, but throw this little adage out there:  “Let me check my calendar”

Oh there are many ways to do it, and many times I forget, but I’ve learned that this simple sentence can really help me avoid the pile-up (If I remember to use it)  It’s an opportunity to consider my options, decide if it’s really something I 1-have time for, 2- am really interested in, and 3- won’t regret signing up for a day later.  Plus, a little “Gee, this sounds great, but I want to make sure I have the time.  Can I check my calendar and get back to you?”  also excuses me from having to say “No” to the person’s face if it turns out I can’t make it work.  I get to go home, weigh the clock, and then call or email my un-availability.

So there you have it, just a little something to consider if you too suffer from “Yes-dom”



  1. That is actually help as hell. I think that I often do this, but…still it’s nice to have it AS A PLAN, rather than to have to hope to do it intuitively!

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