The Right Words

In Playwriting, The Daily Drool on November 9, 2009 at 1:45 pm

I’ve been staring at the last scene in my newest play for about three days now.

Oh, that’s not all I’ve been doing, I’ve been cutting, pasting, removing and re-stating… And I’m very happy with the new turns the play is taking at this, it’s climactic end.  It’s just that after all the successful editing, finding the right, perfect words for my main character has become of the utmost importance.  She’s been battling the madness for the entire play, and now, as she succumbs, we’ve got to get it from her… her “Flip” has to have weight and feel justified, to be earned… and that means my brain has to be hers for this moment… this moment of absolute surrender.

So I’m staring.

And I’m doing the dishes.

And I’m feeding the cats more catnip than is probably wise.

Because this moment, this moment hasn’t’ ripened up in my mental tree yet.  It’s sitting there, looking at me, taking shape, changing colors, and right now it’s an uncomfortable shade of puce.

But I know it will soon glow healthy, a flash of pure light, and I will seize it with celebration.

For the play is almost where it needs to be for me to be able to send it out, to hand it off to actors who can breath the breathe of life into the thing… Almost… and yet, so much depends on the final moments… The play needs to end with as much BANG as I can muster.

It’s such an exciting moment that I’m savoring the build, the anticipation, the “What is she going to say here?!” of it all.  I’m enjoying the agony because I know it’s fruits will be oh-so very sweet!

Staring…staring… waiting for the “A-ha!”


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