In The Daily Drool on November 6, 2009 at 10:19 am

Something that a lot of people don’t think about when they think about LA is the distance of it all.  Everything is spread apart, the freeways running through it like cholesterol clogged arteries.  Getting anywhere is a challenge if you leave at the wrong time of day (which is most of the time) and everything comes down to convenience.

I’m thinking about this today because about two years ago all my friends were pretty centrally located on the Westside.  We got together with such regularity that we dubbed ourselves an LA family.  We were always up to date with one another and loved it.  And then people started to move.

And the funny thing is that distance wise, we’re not THAT far from one another… yet even 10 miles in LA can mean a nightmare of traffic – and we’re all kind of sprawled out along these unfortunate nexus’ of congestion… the 101, 5, 405… yech!

So we don’t see each other very much anymore.

Because it’s not convenient.

And I’m sad about it.

Oh, there’s other things at play here too, people getting married, partnered up… it’s always that way when some of the group venture into coupledom while others stay single… but more than that it feels like our youthful camaraderie has run it’s course. That while we all still care about one another, it’s just not as important to make the time to get together.  Because “Life” has got us so busy that anything not in our immediate flight plan becomes… unnecessary by default.

Which sucks.

Because friendship shouldn’t be about “convenience.”



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