Noise Pollution

In The Daily Drool on November 3, 2009 at 11:00 am

I fight a lot of noise in my little apartment.  There are the alley rats (aka garbage pickers who sort the recyclables at terrible hours) The school behind me full of shouting children, the garbage/recycling trucks, not to mention the other traffic trekking along to their parking spaces…  It can get noisy.  But my new neighbors?  My new neighbors need to SHUT the eff UP!

Because most of that other stuff I’ve gotten used to and can even ignore.  It all just sort of becomes part of the background… but the new neighbors seem to entertain every night, and apparently they have befriended some jackals- loud, rude-ass cackling jackals.  They keep no regular hours, but seem to play “upset the neighbors” at least 3 times a week!  I literally peaked outside last night to see if they had all their windows open, or bullhorns, or something… but alas, it’s just them and their terrible LOUDness.

So I waved through the window and said, ever so sweetly “Hey, it’s really loud, and it’s late, and I’m trying to write…”

My 31 year old hermitishness in full embarassed swing.

They quieted down.

And I feel a little better knowing that they’ve irritated others in the complex as evidenced by last weeks notice “Please don’t call the landlord if we are being too loud, just knock on our door.”

So they’re loud, proud, and unapologetic- at least in the sense that they know about their problem and aren’t really trying to curb it.

Which makes me feel not-so-bad about last night’s spinster-squawk at all.


  1. You need to move to Topanga. Blessed silence except for the owls hooting. How much is your rent anyway? $850 can get you a sweet studio, utilities included. And people don’t care here about things like 12 month leases or anything like that.

  2. Ah, I love Topanga… and owls. Alas, I’d have to consider a considerable downsize if I were to go “Studio”… I might do some shopping around though now that you got my curiosity kickin’

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