In The Daily Drool on October 13, 2009 at 2:13 pm

Alright, I’ve had it!  I am entreating you to help explain to me WHY in the HELL I am 31 years old and STILL fighting with my skin!

I mean, aren’t break-outs some sort of teenage character building device devised by that (sometimes sadistic) tough-love teacher Mother Nature?  Did I fail the test?  Am I, “Grown up” as I am, still missing some important lesson about the value on inner beauty, thus afflicted by these wanton traitors of the flesh to drive the message home?


Or is stress?  Oooooh, STRESS… you evil monkey, villainess of all villains… are YOU to blame for my rather unfortunate string of unsightlinesses?

(How many words can I make up before you people start throwing dictionaries at my head?)

But seriously… ladies and gents… if any of ya’ll have any pointers for me and my rebellious skin, I’m listening.  Because I don’t think it’s fair of the little bastards to be marching on my jawline when last I checked their passports were loooong expired.  Help me win the battle and find my way (at long last) to porcelain skin.


  1. Step 1: Remove all the things that create stress in your life.
    Step 2: Rinse, then repeat step one.

  2. I too suffer from breakouts and am just a bit older then you. The way I look at it is…acne is caused by oil….oil keeps things looking young (or less wrinkly)…thus I will continue to look young forever 🙂 or at least until all this damn acne is gone.

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