Sing, Sing a Song!

In The Daily Drool on October 12, 2009 at 11:06 am

Alright… Now let’s just take a moment to cheer for wonderful friends! Ready?


Because yesterday was… kind of awful (see neighbor post)… but yester-evening? Well, it totally ROCKED! And it rocked because these wonderful people came out to to celebrate my birth with song after song after song because, yes, we partook of the art of Karaoke.

Perhaps it’s the inner child in me, but there is just something so much damn fun about sitting in a room of dedicated “Let’s-Have-An-Awesome-Time”ers singing power ballads and weird little numbers you’ve never heard of at the top of their lungs. Can it be awful? Oh, yes! But it can also be BRILIANT! And my friends were spot on brilliant last night as we took the place over. (Sunday night karaoke lends itself to repeated hits due to the lack of crowding, and as I had selected a Sunday for my birthday celebration, there was little competition for stage-time)

But what I loved so much last night was the comraderie we developed with the other two groupsĀ singing in the bar. They were into the “Fun” of it just the same as we, they dedicated songs to “The birthday girl” and we all cheered each other with matched enthusiasm.

Just the sort of thing a girl needs after a day of beating herself up!

So I want to send out some love and appreciation to my dear and wild-hearted friends who made me laugh soooo much last night that my sides still hurt this morning, who got my spirits dancing so brightly that I woke up this morning with a smile, and who bought me a cake and made me tear up and bubble over with blubbery you-really-like-me-ness.

Because I’m a sensitive sap, and friends carrying a candle-lit birthday cake across a not-so-crowded karaoke bar while a gentle-giant belts out some 80’s rock on stage was just what this sap needed!


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