Flights of Fancy, part III

In Fiction, The Daily Drool on October 10, 2009 at 2:53 pm

A continuation of Flights of Fancy II, which was in itself a continuation of Flights of Fancy (the first).

Zipping and skimming amongst the rainbows and puffy stuff sent a thrill of exhilaration through Daniel’s Heart.  It had never known itself capable of such theatrics, never in fact been encouraged to do anything more than pump, pump, pump away in that sorry-excuse-for-a-nest… It was more like a steel cabinet than a man’s chest, and lonelier than Davey Jones’ Locker!  And Daniel (the oaf) always ignoring him, listening only with his mind as the world ticked on around him.

It had been maddening to watch.

And so Daniel’s Heart had taken matters into its own figurative hands.  How it was going to explain it all to Daniel was another story.  It figured leaving in the dead of night like that would leave plenty of time for what was planned, but then there had been so many beautiful things along the way…  And without Daniel’s brain to keep it focused, it had wandered in and out of several children’s clothing stores, petting zoos and even caught a foreign film before making its way to Sasha… beautiful Sasha.  Her very name caused Daniel’s heart to hiccup, spin, and careen into a nearby sunbeam in the sky, suspended in flight by those two arresting syllables.


People liked to say that the way to a man’s heart was through his Stomach, but Daniel’s Heart knew this was nothing more than popularistic bunk.  The Stomach was a worker, a drone, a taskmaster of explosive proportions, focused on one thing only – food.  And it was all too easily upset by its cravings (or the occasional bought of anxiety, which caused the most disgusting of sounds) and after 35 years sharing Daniel’s echoesome cavities with this loud and gaseous neighbor, Daniel’s Heart was convinced that its incessant digestive gurgling was proof of one thing- the only path leading from the stomach was the one going straight to the intestines.  Daniel’s Heart shuddered to think anyone could believe it possible of seeking counsel from such an organ as that.  It had, rather, been shaken from its deep slumber by something much more ancient and pristine: laughter.

Sasha had awakened in Daniel his own innocence of spirit, ushered in by the warm rushing laughter of his youth, and this had told Daniel’s Heart everything it needed to know about the woman it would later risk life and home for.  The path to a man’s heart was no path at all, but a magical, electrical suddenness of truth… and Sasha was both star beam and sunshine lighting the connection; a proverbial lighthouse to the wreckage of this man so disillusioned by love that he’d consigned himself to toss lonesome in the waves forever.

That laughter had been the first of many measures that would strengthen and embolden Daniel’s Heart, elevating it to the practically tip-top seat of command.

Oh, it hadn’t been easy those first couple days, Daniel fighting at every turn.  It had been a wrestling match of epic proportions, wreaking havoc on both the Stomach and Lower Intestines.  Daniel’s Heart had felt bad about that, but getting Daniel to call Sasha had taken three days of severe palpitations, heart burn (shiver) and finally a good old fashioned leap to his throat as he tried to choke down some bouillabaisse soup.  The steaming broth had no recourse but to reverse direction and bubble out Daniel’s nose, at which point Daniel had erupted in a temper “Alright!  I’ll call her.”  Daniel’s heart flooded with joy as it floated back to its nest, allowing Daniel some culinary peace at long last.

The first date had been perfection.  Daniel always underestimating his heart, had prepared himself for disaster, but the hours of laughter and fine company had elated his spirits such that both he and his heart floated home on a bed of her perfume, completely undone by her open ease of just being.  That was what surprised Daniel’s heart the most; Sasha seemed to listen to her own heart with complete tenderness.

They had gone to the Galleria for an early dinner, Sasha’s jetlag from a recent trip abroad necessitating an early bedtime.  Daniel had accepted this as just further feminine code for “Just in case I think you’re drab and I want to stab myself in the eyes rather than spend another second with you.”  They had met at 6:30.  Sasha immediately cracking jokes about what an old lady he must think her, eating out with the blue-hairs like that, and they had decided to order crab-cakes in their company’s honor.  But she hadn’t been lying- a fact Daniel’s heart felt elated over when at around 8:00, eyes drooping for sleep, she had let out the worlds largest yawn and immediately burned hot with embarrassment as waiters and patrons alike stopped in awe.  Daniel had turned to the onlookers with a fever of protection and explained that his “Companion” was “Still on Paris time, thank you very much, and could everyone stop staring?”  A charming move, although Daniel’s Heart and Sasha had both giggled at the term “Companion”- Daniel was so very bad at public speaking.  She had immediately suggested he retain her phone number, for she would very much like to see him again, and there, amongst the arugula and table salt, Daniel’s Heart could tell that Daniel and it were for once in complete agreement.

Not like now…

Daniel’s Heart sighed in the warmth of the sunbeam and set back on course to Daniel’s room.  No point in putting off the inevitable, it thought as it raced through the sky.  Daniel would certainly be awake and furious with it for having left him. It hadn’t even occurred to Daniel’s Heart to leave word with Stomach of its plans.   No doubt Daniel would be wondering if he had lost both his heart and Sasha… and that would certainly render the man prostrate, for Daniel’s Heart knew what Daniel did not:  Love was not a useless game but the thing that kept men going.  Daniel needed his heart more than he needed air.

But, Daniel’s heart wondered with each high-flying mile, would there be room amongst the ribcage and red-matter for it now that it had seen the world from amongst the clouds?  For there had been a subtle but definite swelling of self building since its first breath of freedom.

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